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Donate to ARI and Assist in the Development of
this Important Academic Field

All donations received by the Astrosociology Research Institute (ARI) will go to further its mission of developing astrosociology as an academic field and furthering astrosociological research and education, as well as paying for the logistics to make this possible.  ARI is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Donations are tax deductible.

:  if you have written a book that touches on astrosociological issues (see details below), please consider donating a copy to ARI's library to the address in Box 3 at the bottom of this page.  Your book donation will help us build our library for future use by researchers, educators, and students.  Substitute "Book Donation" on the attention line.  Thank you!

As a nonprofit corporation, ARI depends on its supporters to continue in its quest to pursue its mission focusing on the development of astrosociology, which focuses on the study of:

1. how outer space -- and human activities there -- affects individuals, social structures, culture, and societies on Earth;
2. how humans in space interact with humans on Earth;
3. how humans in space interact with one another within their space ecosystems and with the space environment that surrounds them;
4. and perhaps some day, how humans interact with alien species via tele- and in-person communication.

If you favor adding a formal academic field to the academic world that provides a social-scientific perspective concerning the study of space issues, please contribute to our cause, both financially and in other ways (contact us).


Support Options

ARI gratefully accepts donations of any size.

You can assist ARI in three ways...

1. Make Donations via PayPal

You can also make payments directly using your credit card via the PayPal form.  First, enter the total and then "update" it using the button.  Next, click on the Continue link located at the bottom left of the screen in the section labeled "Don't Have a PayPal Account?"  

The available payment options, as shown above in the graphic, also include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard, and bank debit cards.

Thank You!


2. Remit personal or business checks, cashiers checks, and money orders to:

Mailing Address:
Astrosociology Research Institute
Attention:  Donation Department
P.O. Box 1129
Huntington Beach, CA 92647-1129

(714) 317-6169

Please make checks payable to:
"Astrosociology Research Institute" or "ARI"

Note:  ARI receives 100% of your donation when you pay by check.

Thank You!

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